Woodside Bees


     I started beekeeping almost ten years ago.  I have a background in art, landscape design and building.  After a chance encounter with a beekeeper I decided to keep bees.  I cannot say it was met with great enthusiasm by my long-suffering partner.  She predicted hard times ahead and as usual was right!  I went on a basic bee-keeping course and read up on all the theory.  I bought a nucleus of bees with a laying queen and a hive.  Before I knew it I was offered a swarm that someone had collected, then was asked to deal with a swarm myself.  It was a very steep learning curve, that led to me having four hives by the end of that season!  

     Over the years, I have experienced many highs and lows, including fantastic honey harvests and nasty stings!  I believe that beekeeping is very much a 'life-style choice.'  One has to be very committed to the cause.  Bees are not pets and the only sweet thing about them is their honey.  One can never be too complacent with them, as they can be very dangerous.  I do find them fascinating though.  They also take a lot of understanding.  However, just when you think you've got them sussed, they do something totally unexpected! 

     After leaving my job and having a period of illness, I decided that going into full time beekeeping would be a good idea.  I mean....what could possibly go wrong?