Future Plans and Products

     It's not all about honey!  There are four other main products produced by bees.

The first is wax.  It has been used for thousands of years to make candles, polish, sealant and many other things. 

Soon I will be producing pure beeswax candles.  Unlike their inferior counterparts, they actually help to remove pollutants from the atmosphere and leave a gentle scent.

I will also be producing Pure wax blocks and polish.

Propolis is the 'does everything' substance that bees use for everything.  It's primary ingredient is sap and 'honey-dew' from trees and leaves. It can be annoying for the beekeeper, as bees use it to strengthen their hives by using propolis to glue everything together! 

I am going to look in to producing a 'tonic' from propolis that is supposed to be very beneficial to humans.  Watch this space!

Pollen is collected by bees as a food source.  It is in fact high in protein and as already mentioned, can be used to help fight against the symptoms of hay-fever.

I will be producing pollen products in the future.

Last but not least, there are the bees themselves!  I intend not so much to be a beekeeper as a beefarmer

Plans are already being made to produce nuclei of bees for next year.  These will consist of six frames of new brood, stores and a brand new laying queen.  They will be housed in painted polystyrene nucleus boxes and hopefully will sell for a competitive price.

Once again...New and Experienced Beekeepers...


Watch this Space!